Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?

In 2008, America experienced the biggest meltdown of its financial sector since the Great Depression. The conventional wisdom is that this failure and subsequent government rescue, commonly known as “the bailout” was brought about by three decades of bank de-regulation. There were a lot of causes for the meltdown, but deregulation wasn’t one of them. […]

Why Trump Wants to Make Banks Risky Again

70% of Americans say it’s “very important” to regulate banks to keep consumers safe. But deregulation is a huge part of President Trump’s agenda. He’s already made steps to eliminate Dodd-Frank, the Obama era law that tried to reign in the banks after the 2008 financial crisis. You have regulations that are horrendous. So we’re […]

How is Silicon Valley changing Wall Street?

(bright jingle) – Hello, welcome to Faster FinTech. I’m delighted you’re all here tonight. Thank you for coming. Faster FinTech, today’s discussion is a discussion jointly sponsored by the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Business. Before we get started, I would love to remind you all to please turn off your cellphones. […]

Lessons from the World of Banking: Barbara Byrne, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking at Barclays.

Investment Banking Interviews: How to Tell Your “Story” in 5 Simple Steps

bjbj In this video I’m going to be telling you about how to tell your story in investment banking interviews in five simple steps. On this site before, I’ve talked a lot about your stories, some of the key mistakes you might be making, and some of points you can mine. Now I want to […]

Why Does Warren Buffett Love Bank Stocks So Much?!?!

Mac Greer: Speaking of nice performers, there’s a guy named Warren Buffett who’s got a pretty good track record, is my understanding, as an investor. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, just reported its third quarter holdings. Boy, does Buffett, or someone over at Berkshire, really like banks. Guys, let me give you the ten holdings quickly. […]

Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy: More Banks

Jason Moser: Matt, big news here, as is with every quarter. Berkshire Hathaway’s 13-F came out. That’s the SEC form that gives us an idea of what they are buying, what they’re selling. You wrote an article here recently on that gave us some great insight there. Talk to me a little bit about […]

Investment Banking Cover Letter Tutorial (with FREE Word template)

bjbj In this video, you’re going to learn how to properly use the sample investment banking cover letter template. Now, the first question I want to address here, before moving into anything else, is whether or not cover letters actually matter in investment banking, because you’ve probably heard different things about them. Some people say […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at Banking Committee Hearing

WARREN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Stumpf, the Wells Fargo Vision and Values Statement — which you frequently cite — says: “We believe in values lived not phrases memorized. If you want to find out how strong a company’s ethics are, don’t listen to what its people say, watch what they do.” So let’s do […]

What’s So Bad About Big Banks?

Throughout his presidential campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders has called for the breakup of Wall Street’s big banks. These six financial institutions, which likely include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, collectively hold assets equal to 60 percent of the United States’ GDP. The central problem with these banks, as outlined by Sanders, […]