Contactless Feature at U.S. Bank ATMs

U.S. Bank ATMs now have the contactless feature, making on-the-go banking easier than ever. Simply add your U.S. Bank card to your phone’s wallet app. And the next time you arrive at a U.S. Bank ATM, all you need is your phone. One tap and you’re in, with access to all your favorite features like […]

Get SpectroCoin Prepaid Card Now

Get SpectroCoin Prepaid Card Now SpectroCoin offers prepaid cards that can be used at any ATM around the globe, and in shops as an ordinary payment card. Funds from SpectroCoin blockchain wallet will be loaded to your prepaid card instantly. Your contactless card is a handy alternative to cash and chip-and-PIN payments. The prepaid card […]

Checking your Shelley testnet balance in the new Daedalus Balance check wallet

Hi! Welcome to Daedalus demonstration video. 
 My name is Darko, and I am a product manager for Daedalus. 
 In this presentation, I will explain how to perform a balance check with Daedalus, for ada holders who have decided to take part in the Shelley Incentivized Testnet program. 
 As part of the preparations […]

How to Download and Install your FootballCoin Wallet

From your browser go to Click the “Download Wallet” button Follow the instructions and then download the version you need Locate the file where it was downloaded then double click to unzip After unzipping, install the wallet and follow the steps to complete The Wallet has been successfully installed Now you can use the […]

Nomad Wallet Review – Epic High Tech Wallet!

Hey guys, Canoopsy here, and this is the Nomad wallet. While it may just look like a simple wallet it actually has a hidden secret. It doubles as a portable backup battery for your smartphone. At first glance it looks like a wallet, and a nice wallet at that. Nomads truly hasn’t compromised with the […]

Squalix slim leather wallet

8 card slots and compartment for cash Quick access to cards Convenient for in-store purchases Superslim wallet: only 1.5cm/0.6in thick Serves as a front pocket wallet

New Daedalus 0.15.0 with newsfeed and recovery phrase verification features and enhancements

Hi! Welcome to Daedalus demonstration video. My name is Darko Mijić, and I am a product manager for Daedalus. Today I will present changes coming with Daedalus 0.15, which is part of Cardano 1.7 update. This release brings two significant new features and a lot of improvements to existing features and bug fixes which improve […]

Apple Card is here Vietsub


okay lets go and disturb the sleepy heads hmm sexy boy (mate what you doing? im sleeping) are you being over smart? don’t be over smart, time to vlog what the… oh my god, my friend its broken as you guys know that I’m gonna be blogging quite a bit now and my tripod is […]