TPP Grants Banks Terrifying Secret Powers

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  • Murdoch-owned Foxtel in Australia has started a huge ad campaign this week pushing the wonderful benefits for the locals that the TPP will bring – Orwellian propaganda in the absolute extreme!!!

  • Ummm iceland nationalised its own banks not foreign owned ones. In fact all the countries in the agreement have banking systems run by domestic companies so they would follow their own countries laws and not the trade agreements. This provision prevents foreign governments taking over the assets of companies. Is this fox news style purposefully missing facts or just incompetent reporters?

  • I have a feeling sanders will pull an Obama:( think about what an actor Obama was…. I feel like Bernie will be the greatest actor the world has ever seen

  • It's not conservatives vs liberals that matters. Rather it is corporations vs human beings that is the big issue today, tomorrow, and until the legal terms of corporations can be tamed. We as a people need to stop bickering among each other and unite at least on this one issue. Otherwise, we are done for.

  • Because you failed to provide this very helpful link, I thought I would put it up.

    The official text of the TPP (full 2000 pages), so you can read it for yourself :

    From there, you should also be able to locate information on all other trade agreements, including the European sister of the TPP, the TPIP.

  • write to your representative and tell them, pass this, and we will kill you. why not? is that a threat? maybe, but it's conditional, and easily avoided.

  • What has happened to the concept of a Natural Monopoly? And: is what the TPP proposes Constitutionally Significant ? Corporations only exist under the domain of State Legislature, and so cannot dictate terms, anymore than a foetus can dictate terms to its mother, kickk all it might. Mayhap, on that note, it is time to exercise one's Rights under Roe vs Wade, Ye Goddes & Little Fishes !

  • TPP will just extrapolate corporate welfare on a grand scale. It will undermine environmental regulations, ship millions of jobs to Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, etc; and make multinational corporations the official one world government.

    Write your local congressman and senators to urge them to say NO to this disastrous trade agreement!

    Bernie Sanders has been against TPP from the beginning… Hillary Clinton now says she is not for it, but it's clearly a political move to blur contrast between her and Bernie, since she was one of the original negotiators of the accord and for a long time called it "the gold standard of trade agreements"

  • I expected nothing less from this treasonous obama regime.Who by the way its now documented obama is the father of ISIS!!AND its now documented obama has been funding,arming ISIS.And his opem boarder policy is in place so ISIS CAN WALK RIGHT IN TO AMERICA UNDETECTED!!And his last speach to the world why he has done this to America.Fact:#1He wants our guns why you ask because our second amendment is one big problem for the N.W.O !!!And Obama wants to silence the internet because the world has exsposed this evil tyrannical agenda.If you think this statment isn't true i CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PROVE ME WRONG WITH HARD FACTS DO THE RESEARCH I ALREADY KNOW NO WILL STEP UP BECAUSE THIS IS ALL FACT CONSPIRACY FACT MORALLY CORRECT.I COINED THAT NEW PHRASE MORALLY CORRECT I LIKE IT!!

  • I wouldn't worry too much about TiSA. Wars are fought over policies like this trying to cash in on the most dangerous edges of their opportunistic clauses, and motherfuckers know this so they won't step…. Well, I take that back: they won't step on places like Sweden and France. Africa and South American countries without oil better duck and cover.

    Americans may as well just stfu and let the cheap goods flow as usual.

  • Trump is the only candidate who can stop the corruption. Bernie is 3 minutes from death, besides that he will raise your taxes to 80% to pay for free education and all of the other freebies. You cannot increase corporate taxes, they (corporations) will simply go to a different country. That is the problem we have right now. High taxes and environmental regulations that far exceed any other country. Add the fact that the European Union and China charge American businesses a huge tax for imports while we charge them nothing. Trump is completely aware of this and has spoken out against it from day one. Trump is the only candidate with enough influence and strength to take on the establishment. Both sides Dems. and Rep. have been attacking him and he has not backed down. Bernie will never beat Hillary, the DNC will never allow that to happen. If he did, the establishment would crush him. He doesn't have the strength or stamina to take on the elites. If you want to make America great again, vote Trump. I AM HAPPY TO SEE THAT THE LEFT IS FINALLY WAKING UP

  • so, what do we do about this? how do we fight the tpp? after the state of the union it's apparent that we want this. how do we stop it? life as we know it would never be the same.

  • Hey wow, I have been using that analogy of corporations are amoral robots that are taking over like in the scify movies for a while now. Did you get that from me Cenk, eh, if so how about an acknowledgement. If not then, hey great minds…

  • Thank you. THESE BANKS ARE OUT OF CONTROL. Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul should be running mates and turn the tables on both parties.

  • men of honor no longer run the country, scumbags in suits have stolen our government and selling us out. Bring the troops back home to fight for our own country before it's completely destroyed by these fuckheads.

  • We’re the middle children of history, man. No
    purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great
    War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been
    raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires,
    and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning
    that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

    Chuck Palahniuk,

    Fight Club

  • Cenk's description of the TPP reminds me of the creation of the Federal Reserve in ?1913? They wanted to keep things secret. The bankers were afraid what the public would think …

  • If we don't know about it or get to vote on it, Then it does not Pertain to Us and there's nothing that these Cronies can do about it.  This is the Law Od Freedom Fighters !

  • First country to reach weak A.I. will own every other country in this deal. U.S. has 5/10 top supercomputers partnered with their corporations like google, apple, facebook to name a few there is no doubt who would dominate Intellectual Property and kill any chance at a fare distributed society

  • This is a corporate coup d'etat of the planet, and now that they have stuck their heads out to write this deal lets find out who they are and chop the head of the corporatocracy. Of course it was written in secret, if there's backlash and it goes bad…

  • I recommend anyone watching this video watch the documentary "The Corporation" It's probably the most well done documentary about the corporate structure.

  • So, wht do we do? It's literally become hopeless. It was bad enough when we had to face up to the national banks. Now it's an international situation. How can the people stand against this sort of oppression? Wolf PAC? Vote? Hope Sanders gets elected? That all seems pretty trite. Who in the government is on the side of the people?

  • The media has engaged in a systematic blackout because the companies that run or own the media outlets are in on the treaty; Twitter has started censorship as of yesterday, apparently Facebook is getting in on the act.

    There is clearly an effort to deny people awareness of what's going on so they do not protest, are unaware of protest movements against this treaty: They want this treaty to go through at any cost. They have a lot to gain from this. The problem is there gain is our pain…

    We must figure out how to reasonably outmaneuver them

  • But sadly all we do is talk and no action. Imagine if the founding fathers just talked and no action. If Greeks just talked about Persian invasion but took no action how different history would be, how different present would be. We take no action because we are comfortable FOR NOW, because we have our jobs FOR NOW, because we have somewhat of a freedom FOR NOW, because we are with our families FOR NOW. We will go down in history as a generation that gave everything away. When they read about us they will think…how stupid

  • So, basically, the banks will be able to do to everyone who borrows money from THEM, what our government has done to those who took student loans. NO limit on what they can get back. They sell student loans to private contractors who jack up the cost by 500%, 1000% and even higher, payments go higher and higher and no one can afford them, then they garnish your pay, if you're still working, disability, if you can't work any longer, your Social Security if you're over 65, and steal your home. No end in site even if you live to be 110. I believe this is what the founding fathers referred to a usury, "Usury (/ˈjuːʒəri/[1][2]) is, today, the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. Originally, usury meant interest of any kind. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates
    or other factors. Historically in Christian societies, and in many
    Islamic societies today, charging any interest at all can be considered
    usury.[3][4][5] Someone who practices usury can be called a usurer, but a more common term in contemporary English is loan shark."

  • First we are not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic… what this government is doing is trying to do away with the solvency of our States.. Once that is done America no longer exist… Then and in a short time we will be a Democracy… shortly after that we will be a Socialist state, which quickly turns into a Communist State… Socialist States have killed hundreds of their own people, while Communist States have killed Millions/ Billions of their own…. You see Socialism, soon runs out of other people's money, quickly.. leads to rebellion, which then leads to straight out the Communist boot on our necks…I'm not being pushy, this is the teacher coming out in me…It's sad that schools don't teach what we use to teach.. but all this information is easy to research… Enjoy..

  • The right wingers, who are terrified that America is about to turn Communist, would like to angrily remind Cenk that we're not a Democracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic.

  • sounds like 1913 xmas eve when the bank scum and chronnie congress passed the federal reserve act and the IRS amendent the black hand of the federal reserve bank, this is part 2 to the journey to the new world order, people will revolt cannot stop the spirit to be free.

  • Its just the same over this side of the pond.
    The elitist shit taking over, removing the middle classes and turning us once again into serfs.

  • I was in an International Trade Institute in the end of the 90's. Believe me when I say : they know exactly what they do, they have a long term pattern with at least 20 years of vision ahead.. They have a purpose and they are clever enough to know how it will turn after few decades. They know how to push their agenda, they lie to get what they want (if not it would never happen- experts reports are BS) : if it fail first they try again and again until it is approved : because there is no law that prevent the same project to be reewritten and propose it under different names over and over again : in the very last case they can pass in force in such law that dismiss the democratic system (ex : omnibus in USA : 49-3 law in France , etc…), they can use Lobbying, they can do anything to get their will done. They will push their agenda and succeed even if it would take them decades they will keep going. And it ain't pretty if they succeed. To explain it all would take a book to write… Their dream is : a single mega corporate supranational system that rule all nations under a total privatisation (they even have wet dream to open nations debt system to shareholders : run like a company) and this supranational Corporation would be at the head of the WTO. People would be livestock to provide workforce and consume, nothing more.

  • Seriously we need an armed revolution. Enough of this shit. These are a bunch of weak, limp wrists , beer gutted "rich" men who control us! We need to fight back with brute force and publicly humiliate these oppressors >:(

  • Cenk, quit calling it a democracy! You dolt! How can you claim to be educated and somehow continue to overlook this very basic, and very important, detail?
    Democracy and Constitutional Republic are not interchangeable terms.

  • Sooo… having thank private leads to problems, so they NEED to be nationalized, but then they privatize them again? WTF?!?!?

  • Cenk explains his subject very well. Even about the Corps. having personhood. If so….and I've brought this up several times in the last few years, then the CEO's and other officers of those Corps. can't have the protective cover of NOT being exempt from law suits. In other words, it was always said that if you hurt  yourself using a product made by XYZ Corp.and you sue them for damages…you sue the Corp….not the CEO.

  • I would like to see a response from someone well versed in the TPP. I was discussing its impact with a hot shot stockbroker last night and he simply said there would only be a slight decrease in tariffs. Hearsay and hearsay, but then again, the evidence which TYT analyses in this video are from secondary sources as well. I would like to see a solid breakdown of individual clauses in the agreement. The arguments against it are far too broad and leave me with more questions than answers.

  • Not scared enough , sovereignty issue WAS only one of those " tin foil hat" issues for them anti – nwo " tin foil hat " people , but NOT ANY MORE cause if a Multinational corp feels profits hurt by city , state or national laws they can sue and you'll have TWO "choices"…………………….. PAY THE FINE OR CHANGE YOUR DAMN LAWS , CAUSE YOU'RE A SLAVE NOW , MORE THAN EVER .

  • We need to get involved in our politics more than ever. We the people should know what is going on. STOP TTP.

  • I'm pretty sure that if the bill backfires, at some point the people of any country can just throw away that piece of paper as an unconstitutional deal. Null.

  • 2:08 that happened in Bolivia from 1997 to 2006 (although a majority of the action happened around 1999/2000). Thankfully the SanFrancisco-based Bechtel was repelled on account of the community revolting against that particular corporate-sponsored rape.

    After failing to win a 4.5million dollar+ lawsuit against the government, they became the first multinational corporation to drop an ISDS (investor-state-dispute-settlement) and paid less than a singular US dollar to the government of Bolivia. If corporations are legally considered human beings, then we can diagnose them as either mentally insane or highly sociopathic.

  • all this sounds familiar, just how the federal reserve was created, overnight without anyone's knowledge.

  • does any one know who are the people responsible for coming up with this idea in the first place. please be specific who are these people and why in the hell are they even able to do this in the first place.

  • if we don't want corporations to have rights (to sue a government) we wouldn't be able to sue them or tax them, doesn't it go both ways?

  • It is time to arrest the Wealthy Elite, CEO's,Boards, and Lobbyist and seize all Corporations and their assets. They have committed crimes against humanity and destroyed the social fabric of America and ruled under an illegal Oligarchy since 1980. The TPP tried to establish a Fascist Corporate Entity to rule over Nations, by using the might of America to install this Treaty of Aggression and Oppression.
    All current Politicians will step down or else, public funding for elections and a non Corporate entity will count the votes.
    All Banks and Financial Institutions will be Nationalized and all Trade Agreements, Trade Deficits, and a 20 Trillion dollar Deficit was committed by an unlawful Oligarchy that seized power. The American People are not responsible for any debt caused by the Oligarchy and Reaganomics.
    George Bush sr, George Bush jr, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton will be tried in front of a World Court.


    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


  • Cenk you forgot a couple names of politicians that work for corporations, Hillary Clinton works for them, Donald Trump works for them…

  • The founding fathers warned us about allowing banks and corporations to grow up around us. They are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.. Please understand we are a Constitutional Republic. It is supposed to better than a Democracy because it has checks and balances with a democratic process. Democracies burn exhaust and murder themselves. John Adams. They always end in an Oligarchy and tyranny of the elite. Exactly what we see now. The job of the government is to protect the rights of the people & secure the borders. Our judicial system has become a joke. Corporations aren't people and the justices know it. The Federalist papers have warnings against banks. What do you think the war of 1812 was about Jacksons campaign slogan was NO BANKS! Funny he is now being demonized. They don't want you guys to know real history. People did shitty things. Stronger native tribes did shitty things to other native tribes. They sold each other and had slaves too. It is human history but what an effective way to divide people. The oldest strategy in the book. The only way the USA can ever fall. They are arguably way way more corrupt now then they have ever been. Every race had poor people who weren't exactly privileged in fact enslaved. How far back do we go? I think sticking to the people alive today is reasonable. ( not to negate that there is still stereo typing,bigotry and racism in many forms but the establishment stokes it to create the smokescreen they need, in fact they create a lot of the issues to start with if the economy were booming people wouldn't feel left behind not to mention L&I people hurt with insurance button't get paid. Ever notice how government programs like L&I are the worst! Starve people out! VA is 1% of the population but people would trust a single payer system like they have? Not with this government. Competition drives down prices and improves quality the swiss have the best program.) The convention of states is being talked about and we have been trying to get term limits and an 18th amendment to make sure Congress doesn't have any benefits we don't have.

  • Cenk, brilliant way of looking at current "code" that "programs" corporations. You show them to be like robots lacking any moral code. And just like killer robots the corporations are turning against their creators (we the people and our laws). Now the corporate clowns want to take nation states like USA to court and sue us for passing clean air and water laws that save people from being poisoned. Looks like I need to act like a citizen again and organize against corporate power. Power to the people.

  • although i've used this metaphor in the past,sayin' corporations and financial institutions are the Skynet,they're not!We must not make this mistake!They're not natural forces either!There are people behind them.As much as greedy or psychopath as they can get they can be punished.How?In their pockets!Boycot the hell out of them!

  • Big reason that Clinton encouraged Trump to run ag her, to create a reality show presidency to distract USa and worldwide from these TPP corporate takeover of every govt office, program, banks, medical meds and surgeries patented, privatized jails, privatized fed medical transport already a $66 billion ye scandal blocking medical access for disabled and Medicaid babies causing high deaths, blocking healthy food, environmental and wildlife protection, privatized police already happening as even copter drones in hoods, privatized all to govt contracts on our ax dollars as block.our right to sue, justice, anything..nwo

  • Obama just sold internet, too and can take your property and more. We are picked, many are already and better strategize nonviolent bus chess game WISELY. Demand mix use zoning reallowed for home biz Rts for independence! key

  • what's preventing a country from ignoring the agreements? are companies going to invade that country with their private armies?

  • This is why the private water companies want folks with their own wells to get state registration numbers . Wells individuals paid to drill, maintain , and have on their personal homes would get a number and generate revenue for local and state government. Then down the road the state sells the license and managment of the personal wells to the private water companies . Then the fees would start to go through the ceiling . After a time the private water companies own your personal well you had dug and maintained for years. This is how the new corporate take over of all personal property will take place. And the supreme court and government will legislate this and back it with police intervention .

  • thats why Roosevelt stop the trust cooperations Tran industry coal and so forth if you let corporate powers take over wages hourly pay insurance they won't care child labor.

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